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why are you reproducing mark's work? isnt it a bit strange using a dead artists work without permission?
by Anonymous

hi there, thanks for your question.

i printed excerpts of mark’s writing as an exercise in learning how to silkscreen. these prints are for a sample book for a beginner print and dye class i’m currently taking. they are not for sale. i made lots of copies of them because i kept fucking up the techniques i was trying to use.

this is the first silkscreen i have made, and i wanted to chose content that would connect to trans survival, identity, beauty/ugliness and history.

i made the mistake of applying for art school as a fibres major, with the intention of focusing on creating art as trans and genderqueer survival and sharing and creating beauty by and for other trans and genderqueer people. in attempts to live a life that is motivated beyond just surviving, but i have been receiving failing marks based on my content, which up until this project, has always been based on my own personal experiences. (as opposed to producing work without personal meaning and solely for the technical and aeshetic value, as i have been encouraged.) 

part of why i chose to attempt (perhaps failingly) to honour mark’s work, is because i was directly influenced by their work when she was alive, and i wanted to start a personal trans history project through print. tumblr is really the only place i have ever been able to find and connect with other trans and genderqueer people who make things with textiles, and mark was kind of an obvious starting point for me. i also thought it would be beneficial to expose my professor and peers to the work of an out trans and genderqueer person whose body of work was taken seriously enough to make it into a master’s program. it’s kind of hard to create work that pays tribute to trans and queer artists, when all my major influences are dead, and i have been struggling with finding ways to do this respectfully.

i’m not sure if this means that i just shouldn’t be producing this kind of work, or if it’s the sort of work i should keep to myself, or that i should be pushing myself to find a way to do so that seems less strange, but i’m really open to the idea of talking about it and receiving constructive feedback.

i’m really new to trying to do an art thing publicly, and i’m sure this won’t be the last time i fuck it up, so thank you for taking the time to call me out on this. if anyone else has the time or interest to ask me tough questions or school me, please be in touch.

note: my first instinct is to edit the images of these prints out of my initial post, which i think i will do eventually, but i would like to leave a window for people to see the original post in full and discuss this first.