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prints i silkscreened of excerpts from “these are the axes” by mark aguhar

edit: skeetshoot thanks for bringing that point up re: the idea that someone would consider profiting off of mark’s work. i made these patches for a personal project, they’re definitely not for sale! hfml they are not merch.

context: i am currently failing out of my first year of art school for choosing to focus on trans survival/beauty with the things i produce, as opposed to solely focusing on technical skill and aesthetics. this is the first silkscreen i have ever made, as an exercise to learn how to print for my sample book, and these prints will be displayed along with a copy of mark’s cited poem in a closed class critique tomorrow. since i can tell i won’t be able to continue next year with the marks and feedback i’m getting, combined with the transphobic and classist harrassment, i’m trying to pay tribute to all the trans artists who have influenced me, and use the resources i have access to now to do so before i have to go back to working full-time and stop creating anything.

as a side note, none of the work you see on my art blog (or any other work i have made) has ever been sold for personal profit, although i have sold art for fundraising purposes before, for the lgbt youthline, and for the will munro fund for queers living with cancer. i would kind of like to find a way to sell things that i make that i don’t feel fucked up about when times are extra rough, but so far i haven’t found a way that feels okay for me.

in that vein of thinking, i did consider donating some of these patches to the ste-emilie skillshare to sell for fundraising, but decided it would be too weird because i can’t ask for permission, and mark’s name nor the name of the poem is not printed anywhere.

do creatures think it would be fucked up to give these patches away as gifts to friends if i embroidered “excerpt from these are the axes - mark aguhar” at the bottom of them? i like the idea of these words continuing to be circulated, which i assume mark was into because they were posted on tumblr, but i could definitely use some input here. it’s definitely troubling to me that people are assuming they are for sale.

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